The world of online poker, has in fact taken a beating since the execution of the Unlawful Gambling Enforcement Act in the US. When the law was imposed, it seemed to the poker world that the UIGEA’s cause to deter online gaming, had in fact failed. However, six years later the effects have been catastrophic on a large scale.

Recently, Poker rooms BetOnline Poker and Lock Poker received some share of the spotlight – not in a good way though. Since their inception, both BetOnline Poker and Lock Poker promised a whole lot of interesting programs, but have since encountered obstacles that have left them high-and-dry. To cut the story short, BetOnline has turned out to be the “devil in disguise,” having accepted deposits from customers but holds them back from playing or cashing-out. We would say this is not a small problem. However, for those who got into BetOnline Poker’s mess, this is nightmarish.

The next to join the show is Lock Poker, with its not-so discrete way of stealing money from affiliates. Although, this normally would not mean any harm to poker players; the thought of a company with absolutely no moral ethics when it comes to stealing, is definitely not something worth putting a player through.

People are wondering; since the UIGEA’s purpose was to shut down online poker, why of all the things, would bad poker rooms continue to exist today? Whether the UIGEA succeeded in abolishing online poker or not, it certainly has managed to snuff out the best poker sites –PokerStarsand Full Tilt. Today, such sites have either collapsed completely or left the US for other poker-friendly markets.

Among the few brave souls who still cater to the American poker community, Carbon Poker has seen an uphill growth in the market ever-since Black Friday. The site has certainly earned the trust of the American public, owing to its upgraded software and a committed support staff. However, Carbon Poker has also seen its share of bad light, with slow check cash-outs and past mistakes. Nonetheless, the site has made significant improvements get past their setbacks.

Today, with just a few poker rooms that are trustworthy, it is has certainly become impossible to fish out a decent poker platform from a sea of impersonators. However, Carbon Poker remains one of the most trustworthy of poker sites after the erstwhile PokerStars. Although, Carbon Poker is much smaller in comparison to the former poker biggie, it still stands tall among the list.

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