Adda52 has some great news this month for its players and fans in India! The online poker site will host its largest online tournament to date – the Adda52 Online Poker Series (AOPS) on February 7-16, with a massive guarantee of 5.2 crore rupees. Apart from that, the site is also implementing a new credit system that will help players gain more control over their money. More details below.
Adda52 Online Poker Series
The upcoming AOPS features a total of 41 tournaments, spread across 10 days of poker action. The schedule has something in store for all players, regardless of their bankroll.
Among the major highlights of the series include the Mega Suits event which takes place on Feb 7-9 with a guaranteed prize pool of 50 Lacs; AOPS Freeze which will run on Feb 9-13 offering 25 Lacs in guarantees; Holdem Highroller taking place on Feb 14 with 30 Lacs in guarantees, as well as the 30 Lac GTD Adda52 Millions on Feb 9 and 10 Lac GTD PLO High Roller on Feb 13.
The main attraction of the festival is the 11,000 buy-in Main Event which will take place on Feb 14-16, with players battling it out for a whopping 1.5 Crore in guaranteed prize pool.
The schedule is also filled with other events within the 880 – 3K buy-in range, including the opening events – AOPS Warm Up, AOPS Knockout, and AOPS PLO. Several editions of the 990 buy-in AOPS Siesta are spread across the series, guaranteeing 15 Lacs in guarantees. There will also be a number of Hold’em tournaments, with one being played in 6-Max format.
Other events to watch out for include the AOPS Stackup (Feb 14), AOPS Freeze (Feb 9-13), AOPS Godfather (Feb 13), and AOPS Win the Button (Feb 15). For the full schedule of the online festival, do check out
The AOPS also features a Leaderboard which will give away up to 15 Lac in additional prizes, on top of the players’ winnings. The lucky player ultimately topping the race will take home 5 Lacs! Adda52 will also be running satellites which players can enter for as low as Rs.10.
New TDS Policy
Adda52 has also put in place a new credit system to simplify the taxation process on its players’ winnings. The new policy took effect on January 2 and applies to tournaments, Sit & Go and ring games.
Under the new system, players use VIP chips instead of cash to enter into any form of poker games available on the site. Real money deposits are still allowed, but they will be converted to VIP chips. Players will also receive their winnings in VIP chips which will be credited to their respective VIP wallets.
Previously, Adda52 imposes a 30.9% levy on winnings above $140, even before players get hold of their prize money, in accordance with the Section 194B of India’s Income Tax Act. In every win in excess of $140, players were hit with a 30 percent tax, not taking into account any losses incurred.
Adda52’s new TDS policy will work different. Instead of taxing every winnings above $140, Adda52 will only impose a levy on the players’ net winnings which as calculated not per session but on an annual basis. The deduction will be made when the player eventually decides to convert his VIP chips into cash. Therefore, the operator will only impose the 30 percent tax on net winnings above $140, and players will get to collect 100% of their winnings.
The new system takes into account the overall gameplay of each player in a financial year, including losses. This allows players to have more control over their balances and helps them become more tax-efficient.
Adda52 CEO Naveen Goyal said the new system paves the way for a more enjoyable platform for Adda52 players. While it does not necessarily remove the tax players have to pay, it will alleviate the tax burden on Indian players, especially those stuck on the losing end.
Adda52 started serving Indian online poker players in 2011, and has since continued to become the leading online poker site in the country. Adda52 is also a partner of the prestigious World Poker Tour.

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