Ever since Black Friday, when the US federal government cracked down on Full Tilt Poker, Absolute/UB Poker, and PokerStars and seized their domain names, US poker players have been worried about the funds in their poker gaming accounts. They wondered how they could withdraw their funds when the Department of Justice (DOJ) had seized domain names and frozen bank accounts. Although the poker sites had no quick answers to players’ frantic queries, PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker took immediate steps to get into an agreement with the DOJ to enable players to withdraw their funds.

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PokerStars put refunding deposits at the top of its list of priorities, as a result of which players could withdraw their funds in just a few days. The customer care service at PokerStars was busy, catering to the requirements of US players, answering their calls, and guiding them on quickly withdrawing their funds. The online poker site also converted tournament tickets and points into cash in no time so that US players can withdraw their money. Many satisfied players reported on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites that they had withdrawn their funds successfully.

The sailing was not that smooth for Full Tilt Poker, which had allegedly mixed up players’ funds with operating funds and had trouble differentiating between the two. Owing to this, players could not withdraw funds from their Full Tilt Poker accounts even till the second week of May.

The story of Absolute/UB Poker, which belongs to Cereus Network, is entirely different. UB/Absolute Poker came to an agreement with DOJ after nearly one month and issued a press release to the effect that it has employed a third party to refund US player deposits. On May 10, UB/Absolute Poker announced that it no longer permits US players to play for real money.

Needless to say, the US poker gaming community was not impressed. Moreover, new reports kept appearing alleging that UB/Absolute Poker was on the verge of bankruptcy and that its customer care executives couldn’t get along well with its executives. Meanwhile, its office in Costa Rica was raided, after which it released most of its poker pros from its fold. US Poker players are still waiting for their money although most of them have lost hopes that they will ever get a refund from Absolute/UB Poker, considering the fact that the company took such a long time to respond to the happenings of Black Friday.

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