No, the update referenced in the title of this article is not the run-of-the-mill quick update that downloads every other time you login to Absolute Poker.This is an update, as in bringing the software up-to-date.Currently, the new poker client is in beta mode, but word is that all customers should see the revamped software within the next couple weeks.

The most noticeable change right off the bat is that Absolute Poker will actually look good for once.Gone are the clunky, amateurish graphics, replaced by a much slicker looking interface.You can still tell it is Absolute, as the general style of the tables and color scheme remains the same, but the poker room finally appears to have joined everybody else in the 21st century.Additionally, there will now be a three-quarter overhead table view for those who want to make a change from the standard full overhead view.

Perhaps the most important addition, however, is the ability to resize tables.Now, those who play multiple tables at once don’t need a gigantic monitor to avoid overlap (although a gigantic monitor is still nice).And it looks like Absolute will allow players to open at least ten tables at once, possibly as many as twenty.

Again, look for the update to be released within the next two weeks as Absolute Poker ushers in a new era of (hopefully) quality software.

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