Absolute Poker will release a new Java-based, no download version of its poker software called “Instant Play.” The new client was supposed to be available at AbsolutePoker.com on Tuesday, but it was not quite ready. A customer service representative said it would be online “soon.”

The new release should bring in a new wave of Mac users, as they had previously only had a couple of rooms from which to choose, as the vast majority of poker software is developed strictly for PC’s. This will also allow Absolute customers to play from any computer, wherever they go. As long as an internet connection and web browser are available, so is Absolute Poker.

The online poker room also unveiled a new payment processor for U.S. customers called . The only fee involved with is a 3% “convenience” fee when funding the account. There are no additional account maintenance or transfer fees. All that is required to use is to create a free account on the site, register a credit card (yes, U.S. customers, the company says credit cards work), answer some security questions, and receive a PIN and account number via e-mail. Once that’s done, and it should only take a few minutes, money can be added to the account with the registered credit card. After that, it’s off to the Absolute Poker Cashier to make a deposit.

Because is technically a pre-paid calling card that allows “eCash” transactions, customers will not be able to cash out funds to the account. Withdrawals from Absolute will have to be made via check.

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