One of the top US online poker sites which was shut down in the recent poker indictments was Absolute Poker and the entity has finally resorted to seeking legal advice. Absolute Poker has done this prior to agreeing on returning all the funds that belong to its members.

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The St. Petersburg Times of Florida recently discussed Absolute Poker’s position in the US poker market and its long past of successful operations in the face of the inconsistent nature of the poker industry. After Black Friday, Absolute Poker chose to comment on the situation to let its players know what was happening and made its position in the recent happenings clear.

“Absolute Poker has retained Blank Rome LLP as United States counsel to provide legal advice in relation to civil and criminal matters filed in federal court in Manhattan and made public on April 15, 2011,” the site claimed.

Poker players are worried about the future of the US poker circuit and are hesitant about playing at US poker sites. Absolute Poker is a well established site that plans to fight the US authorities on this matter; perhaps this is because it does not want its hard work and progress in the US poker industry to be in vain. Absolute Poker was founded by four colleagues at the University of Montana in 2002 and it attracted over 30000 players who tried their stint at poker games. Absolute Poker was very successful once it went online and in less than four years the revenues at the US poker site went beyond $200 million.

The company began with a permit to function as a poker room from Costa Rica with authorities stating that Absolute Poker was well within the law to operate as long as they stayed as a poker room. With the entry of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act in 2006, it was illegal to receive payments from American players. Following which, the company exchanged hands with Tokwiro Enterprises purchasing the brand.

Today, no one knows what exactly is at stake for Absolute Poker, but we all know that the funds of both the site and the players remain in the hands of the lawyers.

Absolute Poker also reassured its players in its statement: “At this time, Absolute Poker’s top priority is, and must be, the refund of balances to its and UB’s US players. However, given the far-reaching consequences of the US Attorney’s actions for Absolute Poker and for the entire poker community, Absolute Poker believes that the responsible course of action is to review with its attorneys the relevant court filings before taking any action.”

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