It has not been as publicized as Full Tilt Poker’s Mini Series of Poker, but Absolute Poker has also been running its own miniaturized version of this year’s WSOP.This one, called the World Series of Absolute Poker (WSAP), is not nearly as big as Full Tilt’s – because of the basic fact that Absolute’s player base is much smaller – but there are still prizes to be won.

For each event of the WSOP, Absolute will run a tournament of the same game type, only with a significantly smaller buy-in.Whereas the largest buy-in at the WSOP is $50,000, the largest buy-in at the WSAP is only $200, for both the No-Limit Hold’em Main Event and the HORSE championship.

The WSAP is even mirroring the “Ante up for Africa” charity tournament.The buy-in is $25, with $2.50 re-buys.The entire prize pool, plus a 100% match by Absolute, will be donated to Ante up for Africa.The top ten finishers will win seats into the WSAP Main Event.

Additional bonus prizes include:

• Free entry into the Aruba Classic for the overall WSAP cash winner and anyone who wins three WSAP events in a row.
• Four week pass to Absolute’s weekly $150K guaranteed (includes the $325k Super Saturday) for the person who reaches the most final tables.

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