Although two of the big poker sites Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars have agreed to settle with never offering gambling for real money inside the United States again, the third site Absolute Poker and a fourth smaller site owned by the same site Ultimate Bet have not agreed on this issue.

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All these sites have made it a priority to refund the cash out of the accounts to all their US customers, but Absolute Poker is not giving up the fight against the US government. The finance minister of the island of Antigua has stated that they will stand the ground and pursue a sanction against the US government through the WTO.

When the US government had pursued a similar argument earlier with the WTO, Antigua was awarded $21 million in intellectual property rights held by US businesses and hence the Caribbean government is now confident that they will fight the same argument once again and win once again against the US government just like they had before.

A spokesperson for Absolute Poker has already mentioned that they are reviewing and considering the offer made by the US government although the Antiguan government is against it. The offer is very similar to the one made to Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars. As days pass by Absolute Poker’s rivals make more profits due to its absence in cyberspace.

Kevin Smith, who is a project director at MyPokerBasics states that the island of Antigua earns billions of dollars in annual revenue due to online poker and that money provides employment to several thousand people who work on the island. Hence the finance minister will not allow this issue to pass away so easily and will definitely fight for the tax revenue, especially since the WTO has already voted against the US government on the same argument a few years ago.

It is not easy to settle such an issue, wherein two governments have a say and the people have a say and a lot has to be settled in order to reach a suitable solution. A lot depends on the people of America and what they think about the matter, which is right now not being considered by the US government that claims to be working for the people. The US government has to re-consider bringing down the income of so many homes when they make any huge move against online poker.

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