For several days now various online sources have confirmed that Absolute Poker, one of the world’s premier online poker rooms, was inching towards the billionth hand to be dealt out on its virtual felt tables. That day has finally come. Absolute Poker has now officially announced that they have reached this impressive landmark.

"It's been an unbelievable journey to the one-billionth hand at our tournament tables," said David Clainer, senior vice president for Absolute Poker. He added: "Along the way we've welcomed new players with incredible promotions, new features and exciting games. The freebees [sic] continue with our one-billionth poker hand promo."

These freebies include a free entry for all players who were playing at the table where the one billionth hand was dealt to some of Absolute Poker’s highly regarded tournaments including the online poker site's signature $150,000 Weekly Guaranteed Tournament, $100,000 Weekly Pro Bounty, and $75,000 Weekly Guaranteed Tournament for the month of December.

Absolute Poker has now confirmed that on Friday, Nov. 30 at 19:41 ET, the billionth hand dropped at Absolute Poker's Texas Hold'em tournament tables. Such a feat is no small accomplishment, and marks a new era in the poker world. Online play has ushered in a new generation of card players the world over who log in hours a day gambling with poker players from all stretches of the globe.

Absoluter Poker’s extraordinary accomplishment came only five days after another popular poker room, Bodog (now BodogLife), reached the same figure – although Bodog’s prizes were actual cash instead of entries into tournaments none of those players is particularly likely to win.

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