Last week, Absolute Poker released a new version of its software client.Big news: Absolute does this every other day, or so it seems.This time, however, a couple new features were added that should please all but the most staunch super-user haters.

First, and most interesting, is the ability to make deals at the final table of multi-table tournaments.The process may not be quite as fancy as Party Poker’s, but it should work just fine.At the final table, each player will have a “Deal Making” button.If, at any point during the match, all buttons are turned to “yes,” then play will be suspended for ten minutes while the players discuss potential prize payouts.A representative from Absolute will be on hand to moderate the discussion and help with the math.If a deal is struck, the Absolute rep will enter the payouts by hand.Right now, deal making is only available in select tournaments, typically Absolute’s largest tourneys.

The other major addition is a buddy list feature, named AbsoluteBuddy.Previously, players had to manually search for players at the tables, but now with the built-in AbsoluteBuddy software (which looks like an instant messenger program), finding friends is as easy as clicking a button in the lobby.If a buddy is online, you can even go directly to their table.While you can block buddies from finding you, you can’t institute a general block so that nobody on Absolute Poker can find you.The only people you can block are people on your buddy list.

On the games front, Absolute Poker added HORSE and HOSE (HORSE minus razz).

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