Absolute Poker has obviously learned that no matter what it does, customers will keep filling its virtual tables.If the biggest cheating scandal in the history of internet poker didn’t keep players away, surely a little change in bonus terms won’t hurt?

Now, in and of itself, a change to the deposit bonus terms, even if it is for the worse, isn’t something to get up in arms about.After all, Absolute is still running a business, and if it determines that it must raise the clearance rate from 20 points to 30 poker points for every 5 bonus dollars, that is the company’s business.The problem is, however, that Absolute not only does something like this seemingly every month, but it also does not honor the terms under which players had already deposited.

If you have a bonus pending that used to be of the “20 points for 5 dollars” variety and figured that it will be that way until the entire bonus is earned, you are wrong.Whereas a player must abide by all terms and conditions or risk the closure of their account, Absolute can change its terms all it wants, ignoring all previous commitments.You don’t feel it is right that the rest of your bonus is released at 30 points per 5 dollars?Tough.

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