The word is going around even before Absolute Poker makes an official announcement, but it is too exciting a piece of news to let it wait: as an extra reward to their best customers, Absolute Poker will start paying a yearly interest of nine percent on the daily account balances of “Elite VIP” Players.

We have it on good authority that the interest will be given once a year to players in the top tier of Absolute Poker’s VIP Program, as long as their daily balance is never below $1,000. The maximum balance to be considered will be $500,000, which means players could make anything between $90 and $45,000 just for keeping money in their accounts.

This promotion, however generous, is not easy to come by: to apply for Elite status you must make 40,000 VIP Status points, and to maintain it you have to earn another 10,000 each month, which requires a lot of play at quite high stakes. But the potential $45,000 bonus seems so attractive, we can foresee many Platinum players (Absolute poker’s intermediate VIP level) making the extra effort to join the Elite ranks.

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