888Poker.com, best known as Pacific Poker, is set to release a major update to its software client, adding several features that, for whatever reason, had been missing for years.  The new version of the poker software is scheduled to go live on Tuesday, July 27th, but 888Poker.com made the English version available last week for players to start using.
The most significant changes when it comes to the looks of the software were made in the poker lobby.  888Poker has introduced a new three dimensional design to the lobby with two separate sections.  The first section is for those new to poker, or just new to online poker.  It contains just the most basic of information about the different games, allowing beginners to quickly and easily find a game and jump right in.  The advanced lobby is what experienced online poker players are used to, with all the different games, options, stakes, table stats, filters, etc., giving players the opportunity to hand-select whatever table they want.
Also new to the lobby is a feature that should prove helpful to regular players: the “My Favorites” tab.  Under this tab, players can quickly access a list of their most frequently played games, making it possible to forego any further lobby navigation.
The tables themselves have undergone a few adjustments, as well.  Players can now change colors, decks, and choose new avatars to represent themselves at the table.
For tournament play, two major additions that have been long overdue will now be available at 888Poker.com.  The first is late registration, which is in place at nearly every poker room on the internet.  With late registration, players who miss the beginning of a tournament can still enter the competition up until a certain point.  Typically, the cutoff for late registration is two or three blind levels, although sometimes the deadline will be based on time or the occurrence of the first break.  Late registration not only allows tardy players to get in the game, but as a natural offshoot, grows the prize pool of the tournament.  The other new feature is a time bank, which gives tournament players extra time to make critical decisions.
When the software officially launches, it should be available in several languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, Swedish, Danish, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, and Italian.
888Poker has also launched its own social networking space, complete with a message forum, blogs, and video and photo sharing.  Its brand new Rewards Store is opening, as well, where players can purchase all sorts of poker gear, electronic, clothing, and more with their loyalty points.
888Poker.com was once one of the top poker rooms on the internet, particularly when it was known by most as Pacific Poker.  Unfortunately, it was also known several years ago for having poor software and not being a place where heavy volume players could play on many tables at once.  It began losing traffic to other rooms and declined even more quickly once it shut its doors to Americans after the UIGEA was passed in late 2006.  Currently, 888Poker.com ranks 15th in cash game traffic, according to PokerScout.com.  It has a seven-day average of just 870 cash game players per day, slightly ahead of Everest Poker’s French offering (850) and slightly behind the Cake Poker Network (910).

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