If you have dreams of turning $1 into $1 million dollars then you will want to head over to 888poker where, for a limited time, you can enter a $1 million Blast Poker game for just $1. You can also take a shot at a bigger cash prize in a $2 million Blast Poker game for $5.
What Is Blast Poker?
Blast Poker is a fast-paced sit & go tournament in which 4 players compete for a random cash prize. Once all four players are registered and seated at the table, a prize pool multiplier is randomly selected. Typically, the multiplier ranges from 2x up to 10,000x the buy-in. However, the prize pool multiplier also determines how long the game is going to last and how many players will receive a piece of the prize money.
The most common scenario would have a prize multiplier of 2x or 5x. In these cases, the game will last for 6 minutes before all remaining players are forced to go all-in every hand until only one player is left standing. Games with higher multipliers can last up to 12 minutes before players must go all-in on each hand.
More Chances To Win
Aside from having a chance to win a huge cash prize, Blast Poker allows players to know how long the game will last and the chip leaders have a reason to play quickly. But there is an even bigger reason to play Blast Poker. You could get knocked out in your first hand and still walk away with $100,000. Remember that the prize pool multiplier also determines how many players will share the prize. So, if a multiplier of 1,000x happens to pop up then all four players will get a piece of it.
A 2x multiplier means that the winner takes 100% of the prize. A 5x multiplier means that the winner takes 70% and second place gets 30%. A 10x or 100x multiplier will result in the winner getting 60%, second getting 25%, and third getting 15%. Finally, a 1,000x multiplier will have the winner getting 60%, second place receiving 25%, and the third and fourth places getting 10% each.
The Pros Love Blast Poker
The Blast Poker promotion at 888poker gets the thumbs up from their set of sponsored pros. UK online poker pro Chris Moorman says that Blast Poker is a fun and low-cost way to win big money for players of all skill levels. 2014 WSOP Champion Martin Jacobsen said that he’ll give the $5 buy-in games a shot because winning $2 million sounds like a lot of fun. Dominic Nitsche won a $10,000 Blast Poker prize and he loves the promotion. He has been keen on the format for a while and he believes that they are perfect for recreational players.
Other Blast Games
Along with the $1 and $5 buy-in promotion that is currently underway at 888 Poker, players can get into the regular prize pool multipliers that have buy-ins starting at just 10 cents and ranging as high as $100. You can watch to see the changes in strategy and get a feel for the game by going to the Blast Poker lobby and watching a game that has started.
How To Play Blast Poker
If you decided that you want to take shell out $1 to have a go at the $1 million guaranteed prize pool, then you have to register for an account at 888poker. The registration process should not take you more than a couple of minutes. Once you have created an account, you will have to login and follow these steps.
Go to the Main Lobby and click on the tab which will bring up BLAST Sit & Go events. You will have the option to register for the $1 buy-in or the $5 buy-in. Choose the buy-in that you want to play with and then click on the same which will automatically register you for the event. You will have to wait till 4 players are registered as only then the game will begin. The BLAST draw will automatically take place once the BLAST Sit & Go event starts and only then will you be able to determine what prize pool you are playing for.

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