Kara Scott, brand ambassador for 888 Poker, told PokerNews that the year 2017 is going to be a very exciting one for poker players because of the 888Live Festival at King’s Casino in Rozvadov, Czech Republic.

Voicing her opinion on King’s Casino, she said that she hasn’t checked it out yet, but is eager to do so because almost everybody in Europe is talking about it.

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Regarding her preparations for various events, she said that she doesn’t have to do all the preparations on her own because she has an excellent team to work with. The team holds online and telephonic meetings to find out exactly what they have to do at each event. They think of videos that can be filmed or projects that can be completed at the venue. They also think about special guests who can be interviewed, draw up schedules, and so on.

She also said that everything has to be kept as flexible as possible because of the nature of poker. One never knows who will sign up late, who will bust and leave the venue, and who will be in the game till the end. A lot of things have to be adjusted and changed as the tournament progresses.

Speaking about the differences between hosting a tournament and playing in it, she said that she gets the opportunity to do both. She said that she loves playing in tournaments and that she doesn’t have to vacate her seat just to be the host.

As a host, she has to ensure that players feel at home and know exactly where they can get answers to their questions. It is also her job to ensure that players are having fun when they are not playing poker. One of the duties of the host is also to promote the event to players who were unable to attend. The hosting team interviews players, creates videos, assists with commentaries, and so on to let people know what 888 poker live tournaments are like.

Regarding media coverage, she said that the 888 team will be posting updates and taking photos. She said she would post tweets, upload photos on Instagram, and write updates on Facebook.

The first 888Live Festival was held in Oct 2016 and Kara said that it was a great event. She said: “From what I’ve seen, the folks at King’s Casino know how to have fun, so I can’t wait to see what goes on for the 888Live Festival.”

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