888 Poker has come to an agreement with SharkScope, an online poker tournament result tracking tool used at online poker sites, according to which the latter will re-introduce data related to 888 Poker players. But this time, there will be a slight change. The default condition is that players’ results, including profit data and ROI, will be hidden till they opt in. Once they opt in, their data as well as their opponents’ data will become visible. If players do not want their data to become visible, they can opt out of the service and hide their data from the other players on the website.

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According to a PokerFuse report of June 2013, 888 Poker had requested SharkScope to remove data related to its players from its website. At that time, 888 Poker had said that it “does not give permission for any data mining sites to access out poker room, and we actively enforce this policy.” The online poker room said that it had such a policy in place “to protect our members … from these sites providing data on your game play and potentially selling it on to third parties.”

SharkScope had responded by stating that it had discussed the issue with 888 Poker, offering “to implement any kind of opt in procedure they would like, in addition to our existing opt out and reset systems.” However, 888 Poker was not interested in any such offers.

Obviously, 888 Poker and SharkScope had successfully reached a consensus in the past 10 months and now banners promoting 888 Poker can be seen on the SharkScope website. 888 Poker might have changed its mind after considering player feedback as SharkScope has specifically thanked players “who have written and posted that you’d like 888 back.”

As a result of these developments, data of players at 888 Poker Spain as well as 888poker.com can be viewed on SharkScope. 888 Poker now has two more options—SharkScope Opt-in and SharkScope Opt-out. To access these, players need to hit the Restricted button in the lobby.

This opt-in/opt-out system is available at PokerStars, the world’s biggest online poker room, which had cracked down on data mining websites back in 2012. This led to SharkScope as well as Official Poker Rankings, another player result tracking site, to make an announcement that they have introduced a complete opt-in/opt-out service for PokerStars’ players as the online poker room had demanded the same.

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