888 Poker has gotten into a partnership deal with World Tavern Poker (WTP), which will allow it to attract WTP’s registered players in New Jersey to its online poker site. This New Jersey specific deal aims to establish a relationship between online and live poker gaming.

888 Poker intends to attract poker players who prefer to play with friends in pubs and bars. Reportedly, most of these players haven’t registered accounts at any online poker site although Chris Christie, the governor of New Jersey, approved the bill to legalize online poker in New Jersey in February 2013. 888 feels that, if it succeeds in attracting these players, the online poker industry will thrive.

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WTP organizes live poker tournaments at venues all over the US, including 400 bars, restaurants, VFW halls, bowling alleys, and so on. These venues pay the WTP a weekly fee of $60 to offer live poker tournaments. Businesses are willing to pay WTP as it attracts more customers and boosts their revenues, especially when business is rather sluggish. Although players can play for free, they will win real money prizes. In 2014, as many as 41 WTP players won free entries to the World Series of Poker (WSOP) events and a total of over $75,000 has been distributed among players. WTP has around 150,000 registered players all over the country, but most of them are recreational players who do not wager real money on the games.

Although New Jersey legalized online poker over a year back, the industry is still struggling. The state’s registered online poker sites have not generated as much revenue as expected and several poker enthusiasts still haven’t registered accounts at online poker sites. 888 Poker’s attempts to bring the Garden State’s traditional poker players to online poker sites therefore make sense although the task is far from easy.

888 Poker has also launched an interesting promotion for WTP players. Any WTP players who register a real play account at 888 Poker will receive 5,000 extra chips, which can be used to play any WTP tournament from December 15 – 21. Winners will also be awarded a ticket worth $1,500 to an online poker tournament.

In addition, “Jersey’s Real Deal,” an event organized jointly by 888 Poker and WTP, will comprise two events on Friday nights starting Dec 12. The winner will receive a VIP prize package worth $3,500 to the WTP Open, scheduled to be held at Las Vegas in November 2015.

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