The day has come when the poker companies who followed the UIGEA and bowed out of the US gambling market can sit back and say that they had made the right and best decision.
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Although the US has not yet legalized internet poker and sorted out all the regulations and taxation stipulations, it is making headway in some areas such as intrastate poker and a state by state legalization of online poker. As a result, all the poker companies and interested new ones will be entering the US market as soon as the way is paved for it. These poker sites will then offer online poker services to the desperate American poker players left without strong poker rooms to play in and in all likelihood end up making a lot of money.
Brian Mattingley, from 888 Holdings is looking forward to the opportunity to cater to US poker players. “We are more than ready to take advantage of liberalization in the industry. We have a unique position in the US allowing the launch of a real money offering immediately as either federal or state based regulation is finalized and upon licensing by gaming authorities.”
Norbert Teufelberger, who is the co-Chief Executive Officer of Bwin.Party Digital Entertainment appears to be very optimistic in American internet poker market opened.
“It is a significant opportunity for the company because in our history, we had 50 percent market share, that market was close to three quarters of a billion dollars,” he said. Teufelberger also went on to add that the opening of the American internet poker market would allow for a strong and noteworthy opportunity for the Bwin.Party Digital company to profit.
Poker companies like 888 Poker and Party Gaming (now Bwin. Party) who gracefully backed out of the US as per the rules of the UIGEA, blocking American poker players from their sites and thus losing out on both traffic and revenue from this market can now have the opportunity to re-enter the US with their reputations intact.
On the other hand, sites like PokerStars, Absolute Poker and the decimated Full Tilt Poker may be now seeing the wisdom in the moves made by 888 Poker and Party Gaming. PokerStars, while retaining its stalwart reputation, may have an easy re-entry of it, simply because they dealt very fairly with their players and are giants in the industry but is sure to have severe competition with Bwin.Party back in the picture.

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