Poker Room has unveiled a new promo, which delivers 8 instant cash prizes when certain hands are hit and an accumulator jackpot for players who win 4 prizes or more.

The new promotion is called “8 Bits of Everyday Poker” and it has the tagline “Can you catch’em all?” Each different hand – or “8-bit monster” – has a funky little icon, a catchy name and a different money prize as follows:

  • Hey Presto – $5 – You are dealt pocket 5s and make a set (three of a kind) twice in 3 days.
  • Ace Cracker – $10 – You are dealt a pocket pair, between 2s and 10s, that goes on to beat your opponent's pocket pair of aces.
  • Dire Straights – $15 – Your bigger straight beats your opponent's little straight at the showdown, twice in 2 days.
  • Boatman – $20 – Dealt any pocket pair, make a Full House to beat your opponent's flush.
  • Flusher Crusher – $25 – Your straight flush beats your opponent’s flush at the showdown.
  • Double Trouble – $50 – You are dealt a pocket pair, between 2s and 10s, your pair beats your opponent’s pocket pair of aces. Do it twice in 3 days.
  • King Killer – $500 – You are dealt pocket Aces, your opponent gets pocket Kings. Opponent gets a 3rd King and your Aces get four of a suit for the flush.
  • Half Man Half Fish – $1,000 – You are dealt a pocket pair. Your opponent pushes all in and you showdown 4 of a kind.

If you hit any of these hands on a cash table (and provided you fulfill all of the conditions,) the cash prize will be immediately credited to your account.

But there’s more to the 8-Bit Promo than just hitting an individual monster, and that is why the promotion’s slogan is “Can you catch’em all?” If a player collects 4 monsters Poker Room will also credit you with a $5,000 jackpot, and if the jackpot is not hit in a week another $5,000 will be added. At the time of writing player TheJudgeDK already won one $5,000 prize, player MX_POWOR has collected 3 8-Bit monsters and there are 7 other players with 2 monsters each.

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