PokerStars has already given away $4 million as prizes in the PokerStars MicroMillions, one of its ongoing promotions. The online poker room has launched this promotion for the second time, enabling players to buy-in to the event for less than $5.

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One of the PokerStars MicroMillions winners is Andre “acoimbra” Coimbra, a member of Team PokerStars, who is taking part in almost every MicroMillions event. Coimbra, who hails from Portugal, has won cash prizes 11 times so far.

Germany and Russia have the highest number of winners in the low-stakes tournament series, although the UK is not far behind. A UK player won the top prize of $7.332.37 in the very first MicroMillions event, a tournament with a buy-in of $0.11, and there is every chance of another UK player called Toria06 winning the fifth event.

The second MicroMillions event had a player field of 36,734 players and a prize pool of close to $200k. It was Geydrikh, a Russian player, who won a large cash prize of $17,500 that day. Another Russian player “Iwantbearich” won the largest cash prize ever won in the fourth event, beating a player field of 13,757 to emerge as the winner of the top prize of $18,566.47.

The sixth event saw the first German winner Beckersen81, who defeated a player field of 6,588 players to win $7000. He could have won more, but made a deal in the heads-up match, owing to which he got only $7000.

The Sunday Storm Special Edition was the highlight of the promotion. This was a $300k guaranteed poker tournament, but had a prize pool of $365,230 because it attracted a huge player pool of 36,523 players. It was @rtemur, a Russian player, who won the top prize of $31,376.06.

The first Omaha event of the MicroMillions was its ninth event, the $8.80 PL Omaha Tournament, which had a field of 3,492 players. When the play got three-handed, the players struck a deal, as a result of which ViTaMin_F22, a Chinese player, won the top prize of $3,896.32.

The list of MicroMillions top winners does not end here. The most successful MicroMillions players hail from UK, Germany, the Netherlands, and Russia, but players from other countries have also won big prizes. The MicroMillions is an ongoing promotion, and everybody is waiting for the Main Event, which is scheduled for July 22, at 2:30 p.m. ET and has a cash prize of $150k for the winner.

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