Poker pro Scott Blumstein was relatively unknown on the global poker circuit as his best win before the 2017 World Series of Poker (WSOP) was during the 2016 Borgata Summer Poker Open. Blumstein won the $ 500 + 60 No Limit Hold’em – $1 Million Deepstack Kick Off and took home prize money of $199,854.
Till then, Blumstein hadn’t really made an impact on the poker circuit and he admits that he wasn’t a full time professional poker; he was just someone who was out of a job and playing poker to pay his bills. The Borgata win gave him a lot of confidence and he took a shot at the $10,000 2017 WSOP Main Event and the rest is history.
WSOP Main Event – The Pinnacle Of Poker Success
The WSOP Main Event has changed the lives of a number of poker players and turned them into millionaires overnight. The Main Event has also been instrumental in changing the global poker market and increasing the popularity of the game. The 2017 WSOP Main Event saw over 7,200 players register and nobody would have given Blumstein any second thought of posing a serious threat, given his track record.
However, Blumstein made it to the final table and then went on to play extremely well to finish in first place. The New Jersey poker pro won a prestigious WSOP gold bracelet and walked away with over $8.1 million in prize money. It was by far the biggest win in his career and the money was life changing.
Blumstein Thinking About Quitting Professional Poker
Most poker pros who end up winning a high stakes event, usually want to ride their wave of luck and start playing high stake events without taking a break. Blumstein has done the exact opposite and has maintained a rather low profile on the poker circuit after his WSOP Main Event win.
His reason for staying away from high stake events and not being very active on the poker circuit is that he does not really find any of these tournaments that interesting. The pinnacle of poker circuit for most players is winning the WSOP Main Event and Blumstein has already done that.
Blumstein says his intention was never to be a professional poker player for life and playing more was more about making money and then getting out.
In a statement, Blumstein said “There aren’t many other poker goals that I can come up with right now. The game is getting tough and a lot of guys are getting really good. I wonder if it’d be worth my time to compete with them. There’d be a lot of traveling. I could travel around and grind the tournament circuit, but winning the main event is kind of new so I’m deciding if I want to go that route or get into something else.”
 Advice For Poker Pros Who Want A Big Win
Poker is growing at a rapid pace across the globe because it offers players the opportunity of becoming a millionaire overnight. Blumstein is a great example and his win at the 2017 WSOP has inspired thousands of players from all over the world.
Blumstein does not believe it is a good strategy for poker players to be always looking for that big win. He believes that this strategy can often force players to play only high-stake events as they search for that big money. The problem with the strategy is that it can force them to play above their means and put a lot of pressure on them. These high stake events are very competitive and difficult to win.
Blumstein believes a better strategy is to not look for that big win but to concentrate on just making money playing poker. He advises poker players to grind it out and set a goal of finishing in the money consistently.
Blumstein will take his own advice and does not plan to blow his bankroll on high stakes poker event. He said so far, he has felt no pressure from the poker community to play more regularly and participate in high stake events. He hasn’t confirmed what his poker plans are for 2018 and if he will attend the 2018 WSOP Main Event.

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