It seems like eBay is fast-becoming the go-to market for poker enthusiasts who want to get their hands on a World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelet without going through the difficult process of trying to win a WSOP bracelet the regular way.
2017 WSOP Bracelet Up On Sale For $3,000
As of now the 2017 WSOP Marathon Bracelet is listed on eBay for $3,000. The 56.1 gram, 10-karat gold bracelet was sold to a jewelry store in Las Vegas. The seller who goes by the name of “forloveofthegame” has disclosed a few details about the WSOP bracelet under auction. Apparently a trade-in happened between the seller and the buyer. The buyer traded a couple of guns for the gold bracelet. The identity of the original seller was not disclosed for confidentiality purposes.
No Word From The 2017 WSOP Champ
The 2017 WSOP Main Event was won by Venezuela’s Joseph Di Rosa Rojas. He bested 1,750 other players to take home the bracelet and $690,469 as the top prize. The WSOP bracelet on auction was confirmed real and genuine after being assessed by a local jeweler in Las Vegas. The bracelet has some light wear but is overall in good shape based on the listing info provided.
News outlets tried to reach Joseph Di Rosa Rojas to find out why his WSOP bracelet was under the hammer but got no response from him. According to the eBay seller, they couldn’t tell if it was indeed Joseph Di Rosa Rojas who sold the item or someone else. A jeweler at the Pawn Stars in Vegas said they have seen numerous WSOP bracelets popping up, with no trace of who initially sold them.
The 2017 WSOP bracelet is on auction up to Nov 16. Interested buyers can still negotiate and “make an offer” to ensure they stay ahead of the pack and get their hands on this coveted item.
WSOP Bracelets Changing Owners
There is nothing new about WSOP bracelets changing owners and being sold in eBay. A number of former champs have listed their respective bracelets on the website, including Poker Hall of Famer and 1983 WSOP champ Tom McEvoy. In 2017, the poker pro put his bracelet up for $13,500 on eBay along with other memorabilia which included two PokerStars Team Pro patches as well as three poker books he authored.
2005 WSOP winner Tj Cloutier’s bracelet was also put on sale for $4,006 by a pawnshop in Texas. It later went into the hands of online poker site Cake Poker. The site went on to return the bracelet to its rightful owner Cloutier.
The late Paul Clark’s razz bracelet was also auctioned off by a third-party seller from Ireland. It went on sale for $4,050. Jerry Yang’s 2007 WSOP Main Event watch was also auctioned off for $787,000 on eBay. Yang was stripped of his bracelet and other luxurious possessions for failing to pay taxes.
Jamie Gold’s 2006 WSOP bracelet was put on sale on Heritage Auctions for $65,725 in 2013. The poker pro said he was not the one who auctioned the bracelet as it was no longer in his hands. Gold won the biggest ever WSOP Main Event in history taking home $12 million.
Bracelets Sold For Charity
Some poker champs sold their bracelets for charity causes. In 2017, 4-time WSOP winner Max Pescatori also auctioned off one of his four bracelets to raise money for charity. He sold his 2015 WSOP bracelet with a target price of $6,000. The Italian poker pro Pescatori wanted to help out his country at that point in time as it was devastated by a powerful earthquake. He gave all the money to the victims.
In 2010, Peter Eastgate, the winner of the 2008 WSOP famously auctioned off his bracelet with a $147,500 price tag. Australian poker pro Antanas Guoga expressed interest in buying the bracelet which he said he would use as collar for his pet dog. The bracelet was sold just 22 minutes before the auction ended. The buyer’s identity was not revealed in accordance with eBay’s privacy rules. The money was donated to children’s charity UNICEF.
While WSOP bracelets are a coveted item, not all WSOP bracelets have been auctioned off on eBay. It will be interesting to see if the 2017 WSOP Marathon Bracelet gets sold before the Nov 16 deadline.

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