The World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event final table started on October 30 once again at the Rio casino in Las Vegas, Nevada where the November Nine players would battled it out during the next 72 hours to determine who was the 2016 WSOP Main Event winner.

Cliff Josephy, Michael Ruane, Gordon Vayo, Kenny Hallaert, Jerry Wong, Griffin Benger, Vojtech Ruzicka, Fernando Pons and Qui Nguyen were all guaranteed to walk away with a million dollars even before the final table commenced as the guaranteed prize pool was over $63 million. Josephy led the table with the highest in chips entering the final table and was also the most experienced player at the table along with Qui Nguyen.

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It didn’t take long for Spanish poker player Fernando Pons to be eliminated and he walked away with a 1 million. US poker pro Jerry Wong was the next to be eliminated and took home $1,100,076 in prize money. The WSOP had scheduled the three day main event so that 5 players could be eliminated on the first day, leaving the four remaining players to battle it out on day 2. Day 2 would result in the elimination of another 2 players which meant the final two would battle it out for the 2016 WSOP Main Event prize and bracelet on day three.

However the battle on day one was an interesting and long battle that resulted in only four players being eliminated before the organizers called time, leaving 5 players to battle it out on day two. The third player to be eliminated on day 1 was Griffin Benger from Canada who took home $1,250,190. The fourth player to be eliminated was Kenny Hallaert who finished in 6th place and won $1,464, 258. Qui Nguyen took out Hallaert and had a good day at the office and will enter Day 2 feeling a lot more confident.

Pon and Wong being the first two eliminated did not come as a surprise as they entered the final table with the lowest chip count and also had the lowest odds of winning the final table. The remaining 5 players will start Day 2 at 4.30 pm Las Vegas time and will play till another 2 players are eliminated. The final day will see the three remaining players battle it out for the final prize and the prestigious WSOP bracelet.