The second day of the 2016 WSOP Main Event started at 4.30 pm Las Vegas time with 5 players battling it out to become the 2016 WSOP Championship winner. The two players to be eliminated were Vojtech Ruzicka And Michael Ruane leaving Qui Nguyen, Cliff Josephy and Gordon Vayo to battle it out on the final day.

When day 2 started, Michael Ruane had the least amount of chips and looked like he could become the 5th player to be eliminated but Ruane played a careful game while Ruzicka took a few risks which did not go down well for him. In the end, he was the first to exit on the second day and finished with $1,935,288. Although Vojtech Ruzicka did not make the final three, he was happy with his performance and will now head straight to the Czech Republic to take part in the WSOP Circuit at King’s Casino Rozvadov. There are many who believe that Ruzicka will win the 2017 WSOP Europe championship which takes place at the King’s Casino next year.

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Michael Ruane did his best to recover but he had a small pile at the table compared to the others and soon found himself falling behind. He was eliminated in fourth place and left with $2,576,003.

Qui Nguyen continued to dominate play while Cliff Josephy who started the final table as the chip leader continued to lose heavily and ended up finishing day 2 in third place. Qui Nguyen now has a chip count of 197,600,000, Gordon Vayo is in second with a chip count of 89,000,000 and Josephy is in third place with a chip count of 50,000,000. The final table started with players from different countries including Spain, Belgium and Canada but the final three players are all from the United States.

The final day’s play is expected to start at 4 pm Las Vegas time and play will go on till an eventual winner is crowned. Qui Nguyen has a lot of supporters at the Rio who are very vocal in their support and have already declared him as the 2016 champion. If he continues to play like he has on the day 1 and day 2, it is very likely that he will end up being the 2016 WSOP Champion and take home a prize in excess of $8 million along with a prestigious WSOP bracelet.

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