In a recent announcement made by PokerStars, the online poker company claimed that over $100 million has been returned to their US poker players. The site also stated that it would continue to process requests adhering to the Company’s agreement with the US Department of Justice (DoJ) as on April 20th which permits US players to take out their remaining money.

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Although, this is positive information for all the US poker players involved with PokerStars, after the FBI shutdown of the big three poker websites, the number of US poker players has dwindled drastically. The consequences of the FBI shutdown of all these three websites have been quite aggressive.

To start with, hundreds of millions of American dollars is even now locked in the online accounts. In the beginning, all the money was inaccessible and frozen in the US poker players’ accounts. Eventually, the government allowed a few websites to release the money back to its players. Currently, $400 million is yet to be returned among all the US poker players, who are eagerly awaiting to encash all their money.

In addition, given the current situation in the US, players from other countries are powering over at all the tables. The one country, which seems to gaining from the FBI shutdown in the US is Canada. The Canadian players are all making big bucks and this is true considering Daniel Negreanu is a Canadian himself.

After all the struggle and the efforts put in in the US to make the laws more flexible in terms of legalizing online poker, they have all been in vain and there are still issues that need to be sorted out. The outcome of this is that the poker players in Canada have an edge over that of the American players.

Also, another consequence of the FBI shutdown on all the three big websites is that, poker websites which are still accepting US players like Carbon Poker and Lock Poker, are attempting to pull in more US poker players through cash games and tournaments. If you live in America, you can still play poker online.

Online poker websites are ready to take payments through Western Union. These payments cannot be hindered by the US Government officials. However, there are a few drawbacks linked to Western Union. Firstly, it takes a while for the money to get transferred to the accounts. In addition, the player needs to make the confirmation through an online code and minimum amounts are greater than other modes of cash transfer. Lastly, Western Union is an expensive service to use.

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